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Brian Colombana elucidates effective techniques to minimize global warming

Brian Colombana

Various nations across the globe are accelerating the game in combating climate change. State leaders and country officials are pledging to support their objective of minimizing global warming to heal the planet says Brian Colombana. Many countries are undertaking several initiatives to boost the movement for reducing global warming. Such productive leaders collaborate the efforts of Different cities and country thereby providing them with an effective transportation system and a clean environment.

However, the contribution of private citizens is equally vital, thereby resulting in a significant change, says Brian Colombana. Every action of an individual plays a crucial role in reducing global warming throughout the world.

Here are a few strategies through which every individual can contribute to making a difference:

Voice your concerns

One of the essential techniques through which people can produce global warming is by influencing people to make sensible decisions. It is necessary to voice your concerns through social media platforms, making people aware of the warming world. You can also approach the elected officials of your area to minimize the emission of carbon, which is the climate’s worst enemy.

Make the energy of your home efficient

The heating and cooling of houses through electrical appliances contribute to the maximum use of energy at home. The use of air conditioners accounts for 50% of the energy usage in every society. Therefore it is sensible to transform your house into an energy-efficient space insulating and sealing so that your home is fantastic in summer and warm in winter.

Minimize sewage

The ideal way to minimize water waste is by turning off taps when not in use. The energy used to operate a pump comes from carbon, thereby resulting in carbon pollution. By minimizing the time of your shower, you can contribute to avoiding climate change as an individual. It is also essential to switch geysers and other appliances when not in use. You can opt for water-efficient fixtures, avoiding tons of pollution leading to global warming.

Use energy-efficient bulbs

Conventional tube lights and bulbs consume more energy, thereby leading to climatic change. You can switch to LED light bulbs to minimize energy consumption and save some money simultaneously as an individual. Opting for companies certified by renewable energy sources is also an effective technique to reduce global warming, as asserted by Brian Colombana.

Shrink your pollution profile

People living across the globe make smart decisions of living in walkable cities and towns, and places that offer quality transportation systems. Such individuals can minimize their driving and save money spent on fuel by traveling in public transport. Another significant source of air pollution is traveling by plane. Therefore rethink your travel plans and prefer a train journey instead. You can purchase gas smart-cars such as electric vehicles to cut down your automobile emissions.

Every individual must contribute to minimizing the catastrophic effect on the environment that is leading to global warming. While there is no looking back on the damage done, you can always act in the present and be a part of development. You can plan a family outing where every member can be a part of a park clean-up and protect the community from excessive pollution.

You can also make a compost pit by turning the banana peels into gold with minimal effort. Therefore with the help of a dozen easy efforts, every individual can curb their contribution to climate change and global warming.