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Brian Colombana gives a few insider tips when moving overseas

Moving overseas can be exceptionally overwhelming, but at the same time, exciting. It is something that can improve your life entirely says Brian Colombana. However, as you move, reality may quickly unravel itself in place of your dream life.

Moving to a new place can be downright scary, and the transition from one comfortable life to an unknown one is long. But even with dangerous parts, there is a lot of adventure and fun things that you are yet to discover. Below is a list of insider cues that can help you with your transition of moving overseas.

Analyze the reason behind your move

Before taking the plunge, understand and examine the reason behind your move. Your reasons could be anything, escaping a horrible marriage, a toxic home environment, or simply leaving your old life behind. Be it anything, but before moving, make sure the only reason should not be running away. You can make your great move about finding yourself a better life, about seeking adventure, and a better environment overall, as outlined by Brian Colombana.

Accept the differences

When moving overseas, understand that no single place can compare to home. If you are running towards something better, it means it’s bound to be different. Avoid making comparisons. Instead of comparing your home to a new, unknown place, start seeking things that make your new environment better than the previous one.

Learn to adjust

Adjustment and flexibility are critical. Understand that every problem has a solution. There will be plentiful obstacles along the journey, but learn to overcome the limitations while having fun and jotting them down as memories you are making with the new country.

Be optimistic

Brian Colombana says optimism in life, in general, is essential. If you start visualizing your glass of water half full in place of half-empty, you may be just getting there. There will be spells of pessimism, but as long as you remember to stay afloat during the hard times, all is good. You can guarantee good things your way if you keep a smile and approach life with an optimistic approach.

Bond with locals

Most people living abroad tend to make friends with fellow non-natives. Even though it is nice to do so, since you may have a lot of everyday things among you, it is not required of you to make friends with everyone you meet. It is important to bond and makes trusted friendships with locals. These local friends will show you a part of their culture that cannot get discovered on your own.

Embrace the new culture

Accept your new surroundings and make a new one from them. Also understand, while you are adapting to your new environment, leave old wounds behind. Discard items that no longer mean anything or are not helpful to you anymore. And while, as an ex-pat, when you look for things to be creative, you might find a streak of resourcefulness inside you.

There is no right or wrong direction of being an ex-pat. Remember, you are not alone, and thousands are struggling with the same.