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Brian Colombana Highlights the Living Expenses of One of the Sought-After Countries!

Brian Colombana shares forbes ranked Ecuador as the number place globally for an affordable retirement, with a couple making just USD 18K a year, realizing a comfortable lifestyle. Many immigrants and ex-pats have taken advantage of Ecuador’s low cost of living to live well on less, a goal that would be out of the question in America on a comparable budget. When you talk about living there, you have many options. But the highland city of Cuenca can be the most charming. The colonial town enjoys a rich history, colorful buildings, and more with roughly half a million people. It has become a popular destination for tourists and ex-pats.

Cuenca’s proximity to major cities like Quito (the capital) makes it easy to get to and from quickly, but without many of the drawbacks associated with bigger cities. You can drive your car without depending on public transit, eat out at excellent restaurants occasionally, and still have some money left over for other little luxuries. For roughly USD 1,700, you could rent a well-equipped apartment and maid service in a good neighborhood.

Brian Colombiana adds that even in the Quito capital city, a melting pot of the South with glorious Spanish colonial history, diverse wildlife, and natural wonders, you can live like royalty with just USD 1,800 per month. Prices are very reasonable, allowing you to handle your rent and regular expenses, such as maid, healthcare, food, and entertainment. What’s more? You may not only receive discounted airfare, lower public transportation rate, and reduced-price for medicines, but you also become eligible for a refund of your national telecommunication tax. Plus, you can enjoy many other unique benefits from the country, including half-priced utilities, and even get your line at some grocery stores. If you’re 65 or older, all of this becomes even more beautiful in Ecuador.

Ecuador’s cost of living – Preferences matter

People of all ages visit Ecuador. The cost of living can be high or low depending on your lifestyle and needs, says Brian Colombana. You can choose to live luxuriously or reasonably, adjusting your budget as it suits you best. For example, women who want a particular lifestyle will most likely spend more money than lady explorers who want something more simple and basic. A couple who spends USD 1,600 – 2,400 are more comfortable with the idea of eating out, driving in newer cars, and exploring the country in air-conditioned buses. However, others would rather stay closer to where they live and pay less for rent to have more funds for travel or an allowance each month.

Typical lifestyle expenses for couple in Ecuador

If you rent a furnished two-bedroom house or apartment with amenities like internet, TV, and water, your monthly expense would be somewhere around USD 600. The cost of public transport in Cuenca is USD25. If you reside in a small town, you may not have to spend much. You can walk the distance on foot. Food may cost about USD 500 and phone USD 15. Overall, basic living costs can be USD 1,164 to 1,364. You can lead a normal lifestyle in this, so to say.

Anyway, as mentioned, all these are pretty subjective things, but they can give you an idea of what you should expect if you move there.