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Brian Colombana- How to Get a Job with No Experience

To get your foot in the door on your journey into what will hopefully be a long, successful career is no easy task says Brian Colombana. It requires tenacity, dedication, and above all else passion for what you are pursuing. There are many different avenues to take when looking for employment; one of the most overlooked is applying online. However, job sites can actually be an effective way of finding work especially if you aren’t getting any bites from recruiters. But how do you make yourself stand out? What should you include? How do you present yourself professionally while still being able to show off your personality?

Here is How to Get a Job with No Experience:

  • One of the ways that I have found success with my own job search has been by using social media to my advantage. If someone has taken the time to “like” my business page, follow me on Twitter, or connect with me on LinkedIn than I feel that they would be interested in what I have to offer. After all people will always be more inclined to work with someone that they know, like and trust. Even if you don’t build up a big following before seeking employment it really just requires an extra step in your search. If you see a job posting that interests you then send a tweet or direct message to the hiring manager letting them know why their company should hire you! Or if there isn’t a job listed yet but you want to be proactive about your search then create one for yourself by using hashtags relevant to your industry as well as those of related fields. This will not only notify professionals in your industry but also potential employers who might be interested explains Brian Colombana.
  • Another way to use social media is to showcase your personality and creativity which employers want to see especially if you are young. Most entry level jobs require little to no experience, however it can be difficult for someone with no work history to demonstrate that they are capable of doing the job successfully. Social media provides the perfect outlet for showing off what you’ve done in the past while still highlighting your skills for the future. If you’re a college student then put up pictures of projects that you’ve completed both inside and outside of class you’re an artist than post some of your recent drawings or paintings! If you have participated in sports or student government than share those photos as well! Remember that employers want to see not only your technical skills but also your personality so they know how you are going to fit with the company culture.

This is just a preliminary guide to using social media for job hunting; there are multiple other ways that it can be useful whether on personal or business accounts.

Here are some of my tips on how to use social media for landing an entry level job:

  • Post positive, relevant hashtags aimed at your potential industry in order to get noticed
  • Send tweets and direct messages to hiring managers letting them know why you’d be a good fit for the position
  • Share links to projects you’ve worked on in class or projects in your free time
  • Request to follow companies you have interest in and make sure. That they can see your profile (business page if possible)
  • Create positive, original content on company accounts that is relevant to your industry

Social media is an incredibly profound tool for the 21st century. Even if you don’t find work through this method it will still serve as a great resume booster. Because of how many followers/friends/connections you will amass! So go out there and be creative, innovative, and tenacious…and who knows what doors could open up with just one tweet!


Social media has been a great tool for me to use in my job search. As well as many other people I have talked to says Brian Colombana. It’s definitely something you want to take advantage of as early as possible. And is yet another reason why students today are truly lucky. The good news is that only the companies that fit. Your interests will follow back meaning it’s easier than ever to weed out the bad ones!

Combined with other social media, Twitter is the best platform for job hunt. The article tells you how to use it.