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Brian Colombana mentions the massive strides made by renewable energy to fight climate change

The signs were very clear much earlier, and now the results are very encouraging too. Yes, there is ample testimony about renewable energy being the most effective weapon in fighting climate change, confirms Brian Colombana. Although the naysayers try to demean the efforts and investments in renewable energy, there cannot be anything farther from the truth.   Going ahead, the fight against climate change by using renewable energy can save good money for customers who discard fossil fuels.  Urgent action on a global scale to popularize renewable energy is the need of the hour to get rid of carbon in the energy sector by eliminating its dependence on fossil fuels.

Renewable energy is a cheaper and more sustainable option.

Over the past decades, solar and wind energy have experienced remarkable growth accompanied by substantial cost improvements, and the trend is gathering more momentum as time progresses. Like any new technology, renewable energy was quite costly initially. Still, the prices are coming down rapidly over time. And it is now giving a run for the money to fossil fuels. The competition is growing so intense. That energy generating companies are finding renewable energy cheaper than fossil fuels in some countries. Which is enough incentive to think about dumping the traditional fuel. That is slowly becoming commercially unviable to run power plants.

The global energy transition is on the cards

The fight against climate change and global warming hinge on achieving energy efficiency. And using renewable energy to pave the way for transiting from fossil fuels to significantly reducing carbon emissions.  The two factors will play a critical role. In achieving the goal of 90% emission reduction by 2050, confirming Brian Colombana. Of the total reduction of carbon dioxide emissions targeted by 2050. About two-thirds of 20 GT per year will directly result from the use of renewable energy sources. The remaining 10% will constitute higher use of nuclear energy, fossil fuel switching, and also carbon capture and storage. Achieving a global transition is not only possible but very much needed as it will reduce the global temperature by 2oC.

Prospects of generating new jobs

The indirect benefits of switching over to renewable energy are no less attractive. The sector has already generated a sizeable number of jobs. The value of health benefits derived makes a strong case for giving up fossil fuels. And replacing them with renewable energy. Renewable energy helps create a greener world. But it also leads to prosperity through new employment opportunities and by reducing consumers’ energy costs. Interestingly, renewable energy creates more jobs for women as a recent UK-based report shows. That women hold 32% of renewable jobs compared to 21% in fossil fuels.

Hydropower is a superstar among renewable energy sources as it has the widest user base. And accounts for 54% of the total global renewable power generation capacity. It constitutes 18% of the worldwide power generation.

 Switching over to renewable energy from wind, solar, and hydropower worldwide. Can reduce 4 to 7 million deaths every year from pollution.