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Brian Colombana reveals some tricks to make money in the crypto world

Everybody has heard about cryptocurrency billionaires and the potential of this market. It is why they want to try their hands at this new sector and want to increase their potential. Initially, cryptocurrency emerged as a global payment method, but now people are investing considerable money in this sector to increase their revenues says Brian Colombana. However, the process is not that easy. You will have to do extensive research, or else you will end up losing a vast amount of money.

On the contrary, you must understand that the industry is at the initial stage of its development and is thereby highly volatile. When you see prices increasing, you will have to sell out your cryptocurrencies. It will add to your revenues. On the other hand, it’s the best time to purchase bitcoins when you know the price is falling.

Invest in the market

Capitalizing on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is a long-term strategy. Various cryptocurrencies are suitable for buying and holding systems. Bitcoins like etherium are volatile when used on a short-term basis. However, when you use it in the long term, it is profitable.

Trading in Bitcoin

When you trade-in cryptocurrency, you must be cautious of market volatility and its impact on society. For becoming a successful trader, you must have technical and analytical skills. Try to analyze a technological scenario and gauge your performance by way of accurate prediction. Try to assess price decrease and increase when you trade with others, says Brian Colombana. Whether you are working on long term or short-term basis, predictions become a vital part. It will help you make a profit irrespective of the nature of the market.

Lending and staking

When you do not spend on cryptocurrency, but you own them, it’s called staking. When you validate cryptocurrency transactions, you get rewards for crypto coins. You can keep it secure in crypto wallets which are available online. When looking for a crypto wallet, compare different typologies and use the one that suits your requirement. Try to verify your transaction by using your network.

Social media

For leveraging new technology, various blockchain start-ups have cropped up. They use social media platforms for connecting with individuals and enhancing their reach. Brian Colombana explains they create accounts for curating the content and influencing the market. Since 2011, social media has played an extensive role in developing blockchain start-ups.


Cryptocurrency mining has become a crucial aspect of the working mechanism. For mining in this sector, you will have to solve complex mathematical equations. You will then get rewards in the form of new coins. For mining, you require computing investment and technical expertise. You must have a background in coding and must possess computers for operating in this scenario.

When you engage in crypto exchange, you will have to work on your network. Lastly, you will have to look at the distribution system. Try to understand these strategies for gaining success in this arena.