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Brian Colombana Says How the Business Leaders Can Ensure that Climate Ambition is Kept Alive

Last year was crucial for climate action and elaborated the relevant role of individuals, governments and businesses working together to ensure there is a meaningful change says Brian Colombana. In the UN climate summit that took place in Glasgow, there was great progress and momentum made by over 100 countries committing to halting deforestation by 2030. Here several world leaders took the oath of funding clean technology globally. Also, millions globally rallied with the Global Citizens for demanding security for the planet.

It has been observed that businesses can be the biggest platform for change! The business leaders have the accountability to cater to the stakeholders – communities, employees, shareholders, partners, customers, and the planet. The planer is considered a primary stakeholder in Salesforce, with no emissions across the complete value chain, and has attained 100% renewable energy. However, it is a continuous journey that needs action, focus, and innovation.

Here Brian Colombana poses an important question –How do the business leaders consider all that they have learned and also carry on to generate meaningful change? Firstly, companies of any size in any industry vertical should aim to reduce emissions and speed up the route to attain net-zero. Here are ways in which companies can reach there.

Invest in nature

The business leaders can aim for two mitigation actions: saving the oceans and reforesting the planet. Moreover, there are several global movements, for conserving, restoring and growing 1 trillion trees as the decade ends. It is an initiative that each company, nation and person can assist by taking up an oath.

You can focus on the lower-earning communities of color and neighborhoods. And on an average, the communities of color have approximately 33% less trees cover in comparison to the white communities. Hence planting trees in urban places can result in higher advantages, such as enhanced air quality, sequestering carbon, beautifying communities and absorbing rainwater.

It is essential to assist ecopreneurs

Today, you will come across a new team of ecopreneurs. These are mostly start-ups that get aimed on resolving climate challenges and also it is growing with the innovative idea to secure the planet. Equipped with technology and innovation, the ecopreneurs are generating the climate impact locally. There are companies with the objective to green and decarbonize American inner cities. Others are there to assist the communities that are planting and securing blue-carbon coastal ecosystems. Each day, the ecopreneurs get innovate to bring down and sequester the carbon output. Also, they are making the voices heard, and the business leaders need to empower and invest in them.

It’s essential to find one’s superpower

To attain meaningful climate action, the businesses should concentrate on the crucial competency. It’s also call the superpower. Today, Brian Colombana says that companies have found that their superpower is placing. Transforming technology in their customers hand to enable them to navigate to the future successfully.

Also, nothing will put these navigational skills to test in every industry, company like climate change. Several companies have been reporting their carbon emissions for many years and are willing. To enhance the accounting process for delivering better, faster and more precise data.