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Brian Colombana suggests several strategies to act on climate change

As the world experiences extreme weather conditions and a warm climate frequently, rising sea level results in droughts, spoiling the food crops and leading the wildlife to become extinct. Therefore it is essential for human beings to take necessary precautions to resolve the issue of extreme climates, says Brian Colombana.

Here are a few strategies to minimize climatic change throughout the world

Save money and use energy optimally

It is essential for the people in the world to minimize per capita energy consumption, thereby minimize pollution and save money says Brian Colombana. By increasing energy efficiency, individuals can add up to the savings with changes.

Here are a few things people can do to minimize energy usage:

  • Exchange the furnace of your car with the heat pump, thereby extracting heat from various locations.
  • You can replace your gas stove with an induction, which works through electricity, thereby minimizing air pollution indoors.
  • Another way you can minimize energy use is by turning off electronic appliances when not in use.
  • Several appliances come with an energy star label promoting minimal energy usage.

Keep your house cool in the summer months by preventing heat from escaping during winters. In such a way, you can do without air conditioners during the summer months.

Eat environment-friendly food

Majority of food decisions taken by people profoundly affect the environment. Eating meat-free meals can help minimize extreme climate conditions. Another thing to consider is to eat less out of packets and more organic and local as much as possible, thereby minimizing transportation emissions. You should also avoid wasting food and grow your producer possible as suggested by Brian Colombana

Invest in renewable sources of energy

By installing panels for solar energy and turbines for wind energy, you can take part in the Clean Energy economy. You can also participate in Renewable Energy projects, thereby acquiring their return on investment. You can also contact your investment advisor to discuss climatic change, thereby ensuring that your work is environmentally friendly and avoids spending on fossil fuels.

Work as a team

Solving the issue of Climate Change requires effort and teamwork. Therefore, it is essential to find common ground and share your perspective with others. Talk to your friends and family about the change in climate by conducting a fun and interactive session about the changing environment and overcoming polarization.

Minimize transport emissions

More than 20% of climate polluting emissions come from transportation, while the remaining 80% from Oil and Gas industry. You can minimize emissions from transport in several ways, thereby living a healthy unhappy life and saving money simultaneously.

Here are a few ways through which you can reduce transport emissions:

• Avoid using private transport wherever possible, thereby saving fuel.

• Opt for car-sharing services

Replace your large automobiles with an electric plug-in vehicle.

Avoid wastage

Another significant aspect that contributes to climate change is minimizing wastage, reducing the consumption of various energies. It is easy to do so by directing your focus to simple pleasures of life, such as spending time in nature and enjoying yourself with friends and family rather than playing video games and watching movies. Such activity will minimize the consumption of electricity, thereby resulting in fewer emissions. If you want to be gentle to mother earth, take a small step by sharing, fixing, and composting in different areas.

Fire up your commitments by taking one step at a time and understand the significance of being amidst nature. You can also collaborate with progressive government leaders to make a remarkable difference in society and the world as a whole.