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Brian Colombana: What Can I Do About Credit Card Debt?

The average American household owes more than $15,000 on their credit cards says Brian Colombana. Although it can feel overwhelming to even think about all that debt, there are options out there for those struggling with credit card debt.

To learn more about your options, read some of the articles below:

First Time Debt Relief Offer from Capital One® – Learn More – 8-minute video

Are you wondering if a balance transfer is right for you? In this video, you’ll learn what a balance transfer is and how one could help you pay down your high-interest debts faster.

Balance Transfer Calculator – See How Much You Can Save – Enter 2 balances and choose a term length see an instant savings estimate!

Debt Management Plan (DMP) – What Is It and How Does It Work?

 An overview of how a DMP works and what you can expect when enrolling in one

Making Ends Meet with Credit Card Debt – Tips, tricks and hacks to help you get rid of that pesky credit card debt

What is APR? – Learn How Annual Percentage Rates (APR) Affect You: The U.S Federal Truth in Lending Act requires all lenders to disclose the cost of borrowing in simple terms so consumers can compare loans.

How to Lower Your Interest Rate: We’ll show you how your interest rate was calculated and why it’s important for lowering your costs

What Is an Annual Fee?

A fee charged annually for using a service or having an account – clients with low credit scores or high debt levels will often be charged an annual fee

How to Negotiate a Lower Rate with Your Lenders:

We’ll show you how easy it can be to start the rate-negotiation process and what options are available to help you lower your monthly payments

What Is a Tiered APY?

A tiered APY is based on your balance level – so, as you pay down your debt, the interest rates decreases

APR vs. Interest Rates: What’s The Difference? – Find out why knowing about both APR and interest rates is important when shopping around for a loan

Is There Higher Risk Lending Options For People With Bad Credit? – In short, yes, but you need to do your research

What Is the Average Credit Score?

Get an idea of where credit scores generally fall – and what that means for you

Does Your FICO® Score Affect Your Car Insurance Rates? – Yes, it can. Find out which types of insurance depend on your FICO® score and how high (or low) it needs to be in order for rates to change

How Can I Use My Credit Card To Pay For Something Without Getting Charged Interest? –

When possible, avoid using your card for convenience checks or cash advances, because these transactions might carry additional fees, higher APRs and even interest charges if repaid late  – find out more about what APR means says Brian Colombana.  You should also avoid using your card for Online Bill Pay, which can carry additional fees – get tips to help you fight back against late fees.

How Can I Lower My Credit Card’s Annual Percentage Rate (APR)?

If you think one of your credit cards has an APR that might be too high, learn what steps you can take to lower it.

Preparing For an Emergency with Your Credit Cards –

Sometimes things happen and we need cash in a hurry. Find out how likely it is that your credit card issuer will approve an emergency request for extra cash (and whether or not it’ll cost ya!)

What Will Happen to My Interest Rate after I’ve had My Card for a While?

When the introductory period ends on your card, you might get hit with an APR that’s higher than the one you saw advertised. Find out what to do if this happens to your credit card

How Does A Credit Card Affect My Credit Report? How Do I Raise My Score?

Credit cards can reduce the average age of your accounts or increase how often you use available credit both of which can affect your score explains Brian Colombana.  Get tips for finding the best card and maintaining a healthy credit score

Overview of Credit Reports & Scores: Get an idea of what goes into building up your FICO® score – find out why it’s important to stay on top of it!

What Are The Benefits & Risks Of Using An ATM With My Debit Or ATM Card?

When using your debit or ATM card at an ATM, you might be charged a service fee. That’s separate from the foreign transaction fee on your credit card says Brian Colombana. Find out more about what they are and how to avoid them

What Is A Debit Card?  

A debit card is link directly to your checking account so you can access its balance. To pay for purchases – get advice for choosing one that’s right for you.


The information present in this article is mean to help you understand basic financial terms and methods. Which can prove useful when you’re out shopping for a loan. Please make sure to do your own research before taking on any personal debt. If you have concerns about the impact of borrowing money on your financial situation.