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The Best Places to Move Out for Permanent Living by Brian Colombiana

Brian Colombana shares as credible sources reveal, Americans are always looking for new places to move to and have visited New Zealand’s immigration website in the wake of the recent pandemic. They found more than 250,000 people looking into moving to the island nation. However, at nearly 6,000 miles away from the US, it is incredibly far for Americans to get to or even immigrate. Instead, many affordable and accessible options don’t require such a significant investment from across the sea like Portugal, where it’s easy for Americans to get residency visas because of how hospitable these countries are so long as you meet some minor requirements. Here is a quick look into them:


Portugal’s warm and charming culture is the highest appeal. It boasts many beautiful cities, including Lisbon, the Algarve, Porto, etc. Living here is affordable, around USD 3,000 a month, and meals are usually more than USD 20 a plate even at the best restaurants. Portugal’s climate is salubrious most of the time, with summers being relatively hot and winters mild. While you can work 12 months out of the year in most areas, summer begins in June and usually lasts until September, when it becomes a bit cooler. But even during these winter months, you can still enjoy sunny warm days enjoying beach life or healthy hiking days.

Portugal offers visas for students, business owners, investors, and retirees if you want to live in this country. Brian Colombiana informs that each option comes with slightly different requirements but is fair enough to call this place your home.

Costa Rica

Retirees have no shortage of options when it comes to living abroad. Although many people dream of traveling the world after retirement, some initially step outside their comfort zones without realizing it. For those who feel like staying in America might be slightly culturally limiting. And prefer to fall in love with another country instead, there are other options as well. But for this, retirees should be able to spend about USD 1,518 a month on rent, food, and other expenses if they move to Costa Rica’s town like Atenas – which is easy to reach from San Jose.

Brian Colombiana highlights a critical point that retirees who plan to stay long term can take advantage of the country’s green card or pensioner visa due to its friendly environment towards foreign retirees.

If you want to move to another country to live there permanently or for some time, your focus should be on two essential things – language spoken and cost of living. Target places where English is popular in the communities. So you don’t have to make an extra effort to settle down, and then, the decision to move your base should find logic in the low cost. If you have to pay expensive bills, you may soon regret your choice. So, before choosing your destination for working, retiring, studying, or something else, you must consider all the factors and assess them well. After all, you don’t want to keep a count on your pennies.