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Understanding the Difference Between Cryptocurrency and Digital Currency – Views by Brian Colombana

Are you thinking how is a cryptocurrency is different from digital currency? asks Brian Colombana. If yes, then in this article we will discuss the differences.

Cryptocurrency – It doesn’t get support by a central figure and it gets its buying power from the user community. Hence, it’s a code piece by “mining” that gets managed through the online ledger known as the blockchain to make sure of the transparency at every stage of the journey. Even though Ethereum and Bitcoin have several users when it is about NFTs and the emerging metaverse, they can’t get used beyond the blockchain as it’s an online asset that can get traded.

Digital currency – It is the online format of the fiat currency that you withdraw from an ATM or have in your wallet. The currency gets backed by an authority and it can get exchanged for any real currency when it gets ready to get launched in 2023.

According to Brian Colombana here are a few differences.


The crucial difference between cryptocurrency and digital currency is the question that which one controls over the monetary value of the coins. The digital currency will be Fed in the United along with banks, government, and any other middlemen when it comes to the digital currency. All have to come together for setting the currency value. On the other hand, cryptocurrency follows a rather transparent process from mining to ownership to transfer the crypto assets. The value doesn’t depend on the main banking authorities and any other geopolitical issues.


Cryptocurrency trumps online currency when it’s about encryption. The digital currencies are e-cash which doesn’t require any special native process for encryption. On the other hand, cryptocurrencies get store in the blockchain and the coins gets stores in the “wallets” that provide a higher degree of the cyber security.

Furthermore, selecting the correct cryptocurrency exchange that provides excellent security features and a vast range of the currencies to transact with, is an essential pre-requisite to transact making use of cryptos.


The popular advocates for the cryptocurrency will point towards the platform’s transparency. Each detail concerning the cryptocurrency transactions is here in the public domain. Fortunately, owing to the decentralize ledger things get record in the blockchain details. But when it comes to the digital currency, one will find that only the banking authority along with the receiver and the sender gets involve in the concerned transaction. Just in case there is any conflict over any asset. Then the cryptocurrencies get easier to manage as the records are there for each person involve to check out. However, online currencies can involve bureaucratic hassles and various other issues whenever there is a conflict. And this decentralization of the data can be call as one of the many driving forces resulting in the embracing of cryptocurrencies worldwide.

These are a few essential differences that you need to know about cryptocurrency and digital currency. According to Brian Colombana once you know these differences, you can arrive at an informed decision concerning cryptocurrency investment.